Melody Bays

An MSW graduate from the University of Oklahoma, Melody joined the Cleveland County Health Department in 2018 after working in various roles in the public health world, such as the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, and the Department of Rehabilitation Services. Her passion as an MSW stems from advocating for equity and a desire to help folks obtain the quality of life they deserve. Outside of her work for The Well, she currently serves on boards for the Oklahoma Public Health Association and Food and Shelter for Friends.

Fun Fact: Although raised in ranching life, Melody is 100% Persian and speaks fluent Farsi!

Mark Braley

As a veteran himself with multiple combat tours, Mark helps veterans navigate the VA and helps locate the resources and support they need. Before joining the Cleveland County team four years ago, he spent 20 years as a Norman police officer while concurrently serving in the Oklahoma National Guard, where he retired as a first sergeant. Outside of his work achievements, Mark also has a Bachelor’s in Wildlife Ecology from Oklahoma State University and trained at the FBI’s Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Additionally, he served on the board of Food and Shelter for 10 years and was President of the Norman Lions Club in 2019 of which he has been participating for many years. 

Fun Fact: Mark loves (almost) all animals. He raises cows in his free time and is also known to pick up any snake he finds, venomous or not!

Kate Cooper

After opening the Pauls Valley Farmers Market and running her own farm for three years, Kate experienced the ins and outs of how much work goes into our food and how undervalued farmers are. She strives to support new farmers, educate the community, and create the best possible farmers market in the state. Outside of her work for the Norman Farm Market, Kate is also working on her Master’s in counseling at Mid-America Christian University.

Fun Fact: Aside from Kate’s other farming ventures, she’s also been in charge of in-home military daycares, bookkeeping, and a farm consulting business!

Tara Douglas

Tara joined The Well team after working for the Cleveland County Health Department as their Health Education Supervisor and PIO for 7 years. Prior to her work in Cleveland County, she obtained her Masters of Public Health in Health Administration and Policy from the OU College of Public Health and worked in the nonprofit sector for 2 years at the Cavett Kids Foundation. What she loves most about working in her industry is the opportunity to touch the lives of people in all demographics throughout the span of their lives and ensuring that everyone has the resources and opportunities they need to live a healthier happier one. Aside from her work on The Well, Tara is also a member of the Oklahoma Public Health Association and Norman Next, serves on the Pioneer Library System Board of Trustees, is a graduate of the Oklahoma Public Health Leadership Institute and Leadership Mid America, and featured in the National Institutes of Health’s health literacy publication.

Fun fact: Tara loves anything to do with the outdoors and is a certified open water diver!


Our Story

Our vision for The Well and the reason we included it in the master plan is to make residents of Cleveland County the healthiest and happiest they can be. When the community approved the plan, we traveled the country looking at places that are successful at bringing together health resources, community classes, and events that everyone wants to be a part of.

From that time and research, we developed a plan for an inclusive hub that brings together health, wellness, and knowledge to residents and visitors of Cleveland County.

Our Mission

Cleveland County Wellness Square exists to make Cleveland County the healthiest and happiest it can be. We will provide access, education, programs, events, and activities to all residents to make this goal a reality.

Our Story


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