Cooking Classes

From basics in the kitchen to exploring specialty dishes, at The Well, there’s something for everyone! Join us for classes on nutrition education, meal planning, exploring dishes from different cultures, cooking healthy meals at home, and more!
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Financial Literacy

Whether you’re a budgeting novice or a finance pro, there’s a financial literary class at The Well for you. Take control of your finance with class offerings covering topics like budgeting, financial planning for the future, stress management, and more.
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Fitness Classes

The Well is for everyone. Browse our physical activity classes, meant for all ages and ability levels, no experience or added equipment required. Come learn the joy that comes from moving your body!
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Hobby Classes

Explore new hobbies, engage with community partners, learn a new skill, and invest in yourself. There’s a personal enrichment based Hobby class for everyone at The Well.
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The Well is committed to the health and safety of all residents and visitors in our community, which is why we will require all class participants to wear a face mask while inside the building, in accordance with CDC guidelines and health department policy.
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